Amortizing Loan Calculator
Use this to calculate your loan amount, payment, interest rate or term, and see printable amortization schedules and charts.

Auto Loan Calculator
Need new wheels? Calculate the monthly payment as well as the affordable car price, down payment required or the loan amount. Create a amortization schedule showing date based payments.

Savings Goals Calculator
What will it take to reach your savings goal? This financial calculator helps you find out.

Retirement Calculators

Retirement Age Calculator
At what age can you retire given your present retirement fund and future, planned investments? This calculator creates an investment schedule and charts.

Retirement Nest Egg Calculator
Assuming regular investment amounts, how much will you have when you retire? Based on your variables, this calculator creates a detailed schedule with projected date based investments and charts.

Retirement Savings Calculator
How much do you need to save or invest each month to reach your retirement goals?


Use these handy spreadsheets to help get on track to your own financial security:

Budget Worksheet
Daily Expenses Worksheet
Estimated Expenses Worksheet
Balance Your Checkbook
Car Buying Budget
College Costs Planning Worksheet
College Living Budget Worksheet