Personal Loans

To make your financial choices easier, we have described our most common retail (consumer) lending products. Remember to use our Financial Calculators to help make decisions regarding leasing or buying a vehicle, purchasing a home and to plan for your savings needs.

Term Loan

A secured loan used to finance personal assets other than real estate, such as a vehicle, boat or motorcycle. It can also be used for things like computers, vacations or to consolidate debt. The term of the loan depends on the life of the asset being financed and the financial situation of the person applying for the loan. We personalize all our term loans, so please contact us to speak to a lender to review your options.

Download a blank Consumer Loan Application here.

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

A HELOC gives you the opportunity to use the equity in your home to cover any of your cash needs; everything from furniture to trips to a new car. Utilize your HELOC any way you like. You may be eligible for up to 80% of the value of your home, as a HELOC, and interest payments may be tax deductible!* Once in place, this line of credit can be drawn upon as you need, simply by writing a check or making a phone call to Wisconsin River Bank. Contact us and speak to a lender for full details. Put the power of your home to work for you.

* Check with your tax professional about your eligibility.

Download a blank HELOC Loan Application here.

Reserve Checking Account (Overdraft Protection)

A Reserve Checking Account is a pre-approved line of credit attached to your checking account. If an overdraft occurs, your loan goes into effect to cover the shortage for you. Take advantage of the peace of mind, flexibility and convenience of instant credit through a Reserve Checking Account.

Charge Card

Apply for a Wisconsin River Bank Credit Card today – Click Here

A charge card is a way to make paying for things easy and fast. Open a credit card line by choosing either, Visa or MasterCard, for your card. Receive an easy to read statement on a monthly basis and remember, Wisconsin River Bank’s cards have a grace period (free use of money) before you have to pay. Contact us to learn more about our many credit card programs.

For more helpful information, read our article, Understanding Your Consumer Credit Options. If you have any questions on your loan options, call a lender at:
Sauk: 608.643.6300
Lodi: 608.592.7788
Janesville: 608.741.6280