Prevent identity theft and save yourself long, frustrating hours filling out police reports, closing old accounts and opening new ones. Each year remember to order a copy of your personal credit report from the three main credit bureaus (see table below) to verify the accuracy of your report.

If someone has stolen your identity, the Federal Trade Commission recommends taking three actions immediately.

First, contact the fraud department of each of the three major credit bureaus. Tell them to flag your file with a fraud alert, including a statement that creditors should call you for permission before they open any new accounts in your name or change an existing one.

Second, contact the representatives for any accounts that have been tampered with, or opened fraudulently. Always, follow up your calls in writing.

Lastly, file a police report. Keep a copy to have proof of the crime.

This information is being provided by Wisconsin River Bank. Click here if you want to learn more about steps to take if you are a victim of identity fraud,

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