Warning Signs of Scams & Frauds

General Warning Signs of Scams & Frauds

  • Has someone called or emailed you claiming to be a representative of the IRS or another entity of the US Government?
  • Has someone contacted you to say you won the lottery, but taxes need to be paid upfront?
  • Has someone asked you to purchase prepaid gift cards to send to them as payment for something?
  • Has someone asked for your bank account number, credit card number, debit card number and/or PIN number?
  • Have you received a call from a “relative” in trouble? Are they asking for funds to be sent via Western Union?
  • Have you received an email from someone requesting that you wire funds from your account?
  • Has someone threatened you or a family member if you do not comply with their instructions?
  • Are you being pressured to “act now”?
  • Have you been instructed to keep the transaction a secret?


All of the above are just some indicators of financial scams & fraud. Please remember, if something doesn’t seem right, it likely isn’t. Slow down, walk away, call back; take some time to research the request. Tell a trusted advisor. Remember anyone can be a victim of financial exploitation. You are not alone.

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